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History of Textile Development
In antiquity the Menderes route is more important as a trade route.  Hierapolis is the transit point of roads from the mountainous Phrygia.

Hierapolis in the Lycos Valley experienced a golden age in the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD.  The fabrics woven in the city were exported to Italy and at the same time a close commercial relationship was established with Western Anatolian cities.  Hierapolis is a factory city of ancient times due to the production and dyeing of textile products and the weaving of carpet rugs.  This production was made with other Lycos Valley cities Laodikeia and Colossae.
Laodikeia has achieved great fame in the ancient world with its position in the trade.  The largest source of this wealth is a kind of sheep grown in Laodikeia and woven products made from them.

Laodikeia Colossae and Hierapolis have gained a very important reputation in the ancient world for the production of fabricated textiles.  The reason why Denizli is today a textile giant should be explained by the fact that the people of the region are entrepreneurs as in the ancient period and that textile has a long history of 2300 years in the region.
In Hierapolis not only the wool workers but also the carpet weavers and the purple shoemakers have formed tradesmen associations.  The thermal water in the city was mostly used in purple wool dyeing due to the formation of heavy calcareous.  These colored dyed wools which were obtained from red roots were known everywhere with the color of Erguvani.

Denizli Industry and International Trade Leader
The textile industry is Denizli's leading industrial sector.
In the textile industry sector which has progressed technologically from time to time the production of factory type from home and workshop type production has been passed along with the purchase of modern workbenches thus the number of facilities in the textile industry has increased rapidly.

Nowadays especially in recent years garment exports have been encouraged by the state Denizli textile industry has also been focusing on garment production while new factories have been established only as ready-made garments and their spinning and weaving factories have accelerated their renewal investments.

Developments in Denizli Economy

Denizli is one of the important centers where economic health and agriculture industry and service sectors all have a dynamic appearance.

There are 7 Organize Industrial Zones in our province which are in the stage of establishment.

Developments in the Agriculture Sector The wide variety of climate and geography structure provides the richness of the agricultural product pattern in our region.

In Denizli, all kinds of field crops such as grain cotton sugar beet tobacco corn legumes vegetables and fruits are produced.