Denizli in War of Independence

Denizli in Independence War

After World War I, when the Greek army appeared in İzmir on May 15, 1919, one of first resistance movements was encountered in Denizli. Resistance against the enemy invasion started with the first open-air meeting held in Denizli. This golden and firm voice rising from Denizli immediately showed its effect. As a matter of fact, the military forces have established the Menderes front organized by Yörük Ali and Demirci Efe's, and the voluntary patriots who could hold a weapon have joined this front. Those volunteers under the support of the Turkish army have never let the Greek forces enter Denizli. The Denizli people have wholeheartedly joined at the Independence War which started on May 19, 1919, with the landing of Samsun.

In our history books written as “Mondros Truce, ” this so-called Truce was a painful document that ended the 600 hundred years old Ottoman Empire. But the colonialist empires did not content with this document. In February 1919 they gathered together in Paris and took the decision of giving İzmir, Balıkesir and Aydın Provinces to Greece. By doing that Anatolia would have been occupied from four sides.

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Old Government Building


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 Delikliçınar Square- Meserret Mainstreet

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Old Municipality

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Kayalık Mosque (1935)


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Bayramyeri Square (1935)



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  Denizli Governor, who had learned the occupation from İzmir Redd-i İlhak Assembly’s telegraph, had informed İstanbul, Denizli Mayor and important people about it. So Müftü Hulusi Efendi and the others had began to act immediately and decided to hold a mass meeting in front of the Municipality Building. The people had come together and Müftü Efendi had called them to get ready for the war. Later the volunteer forces had tried to protect The Menderes Bridge and its around, so that they had obstructed the enemies to enter into Denizli. 
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