Denizli Rooster

Rooster of Denizli

Denizli is known for its Denizli cock. The Denizli cock has only been raised in Denizli since ancient times. It has adapted to harsh environmental conditions. The Denizli cock has been resistant to contagious diseases from the beginning until today.
The Agricultural Directory of Denizli Province has tried to conserve the Denizli Cock's gene pool. They spent much effort conserving its genetic potential and sharing this potential with other provinces beside Denizli. The Denizli cock's appearance is as follows: It has long legs, a long and strong neck, a broad and deep chest and an abrupt tail.

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Black eyes, black gray legs, long neck, red or dark gray atrium. Live weight is approximately 3 - 3.5 kg.
Pekmez Kefi: The wings and the middle of the back is brown or dark yellow.
Demir Kir: Black cilia are dominant
Pamuk Kir: White with cilia more colorful than Demir Kir.
Al Cock: The Al (crimson) cock looks a lot like a classic cock.
Kürklü: The back of neck has black cilia. It looks like Busby.
The Pekmez Kefi is the most preferred appearance.
 Denizli Horozu Denizli Horozu Denizli Horozu

" Tenor  "
" Bass " 
" Davudi "
The timing in crowing is important. Good crowing should start with a slow tempo, increase to a fast tempo, and then end with a slow tempo again. This is known as crowing quality.
Crowing quality is more important than the crowing period in a good Denizli Cock. During a rooster's first year the crowing period is 20 seconds. In the second and third years, this period gets longer.

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