Atatürk in Denizli

Atatürk's Arrival in Denizli

Ataturk arrived in the province of Denizli on 4 February 1931.  This trip was included in the program known as Ata's "Great Aegean Tour."  On 4 February 1931 Wednesday the private train departed from Aydın at 8.10 in the morning and brought Atatürk to Denizli on the same day at 1300.
Thousands of Denizli people showed love.  Atatürk passed by greeting the people and came to the party building of that time with the delegation from the station street.
After resting in this building for a while, Atatürk visited the 5th and 33rd artillery regiments of the 5th Colonies in Isparta on the way to Çamlık and then met a group of the officers of the regiments.  During the visit of the regiments, General Mustafa Izzet from Isparta was also present.

After the visit of the military units, they came to the Village Teacher School entered the classes asked the students questions and received information from the teachers about the education and training issues.

Atatürk went to the Denizli National Hospital and examined the patients until they came to the finest detail.  Atatürk thanked Hospital Head Physician Dr. Hamdi Berkman for the arrangement order and cleanliness of the hospital.

Atatürk came to the municipality after the hospital greeted the gathered people there talked with the local people's council for a while made the important suggestions on the needs and possibilities of the people and the city and left the place saying that "I am touched by the feeling that Denizli people showed me."

Hundreds of people from villages towns and districts even neighboring provinces and districts came to meet Atatürk and see him closely and hear his voice.

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