Winter Sports

Winter Tourism

People's interest in nature has increased dramatically in recent years. Modern facilities are attractive only if they are blended harmoniously into the different surrounding landscapes. While the ideas, hopes, and desires of tourists used to center on travel and accommodations, the emphasis has shifted to include activities in nature. Tourism has many different meanings because the main factor in tourism is human. If people change their ideas, needs and desires, the meaning of tourism changes as well. Sophisticated technology combined with monotonous daily life has affected the travelers' attitudes. Tourists want to see something special which has been prepared for them. That's why the tours with special alternatives are more important nowadays. The Ministry of Tourism in Türkiye aims to use its nearly one million bed capacity in the most productive way according to new tourism policies. It will provide financial assistance in the development of new tourism areas which have touristic and natural potential. According to this new plan, new regions which have historical and natural potential will be add as alternative tourist destinations. One of the most important projects of this program is to recognize the high value of the mountains.

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CLIMATE: Denizli Province is located in Türkiye's Aegean Region. However, the climate is not exclusively Aegean throughout the whole province. A terrestrial climate is felt in the center of the province, because the city area is like a pathway from the seaside to terrestrial areas. The area is not as hot as the seaside because of these climatic differences. The inland is exposed to the winds which come from the Aegean Sea, because the mountains are situated straight to the sea. Winters are rainy and sometimes snowy, but generally warm. But the high mountains are generally snowy in winter. Mount Honaz, Mount Karci, Mount Babadağ, Mount Karkın and Mount Bozdag are suitable for skiing because of their topographical situation. The slopes of the mountains make good ski runs.

Suitable Winter Sport Areas

Mount Honaz: Its altitude is 2571 m, and is located 17 km southeast of Denizli. The slopes are straight. It is the highest mountain of the province. It is a protected area as a national park. There is snow on the peak during most of the year. There is a ski run project underway about 16 km from the highway.

Mount Karcı: It extends south of Denizli as part of Mount Babadağ. Gökbel Hill is the highest part of the mountain which is about 2308 m. Kazıklıbeli mountain pass between Mt. Karcı and Mt. Honaz connects the Aegean and Mediterranean Regions. There is always snow at the top.

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Mount Bozdağ: It's between Acıpayam and Gireniz The Tava-Barza Plateau and Plains are 2421 m high. There is not suitable transportation between the two settlements, so there is a plan to incorporate a ski center at an elevation of 2475 meters after the roads in Yorga Village are completed. If it is built, it will be the only ski center in Western Anatolia.

Mount Karkın: It contains Karagöz Plateau and Gürsu Village in Çameli District. There is always snow at the top. The slopes of the mountain are suitable for skiing. There are many ancient trees as well. Mount Karkyn is also on the main tour route from Fethiye to Denizli. Transportation on the mountain is over a stabilized road.

Mount Babadağ: Its altitude is 2308 m. It extends south and west of Denizli. It is also called Mt. Akdağ, which is a part of the Menteşe Mountain Range. There is always snow at the top.