Fishing and Hunting Tourism

Sports Fishing with Fishing Line 

The Işıklı Lake's water is fresh and there are fish in it. Büyük Menderes River, Kartal Lake and Dalaman Creek are also suitable for fishing.

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There are several places suitable for hunting in Denizli. Hunting is permitted except during mating season. Endangered animals, of course, are protected by law.

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Quail hunting is permitted on the Çivril and Baklan Plains. Hunting is permitted in the Buldan-Yenice area right after the grape harvest.

There are turtledoves in the Büyük Menderes Area where the area has plenty of stubble.Except in protected zones, rabbits and partridges can be hunted in all of the mountains of the province. There are woodcocks in the areas near rivers.

Denizli does not have many ducks or geese. Their only habitation in Denizli is at Işıklı Lake which is protected and closed for hunting. Hunting is permitted only occasionally on cold winter days. The Provincial Hunting Commission defined areas where hunting is permitted and forbidden. 

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There is a deer preserve and breeding ground on the northern slopes of Mt. Akdağ. The area is also designated as a Wild Life Protection area and covers 15,000 hectares. The number of deer has been growing rapidly since 1970, but wolves and wild pigs harm the deer population. So sometimes hunting of wolves and wild pigs is permitted. 

There is a wild goat preserve and breeding ground on Mount Honaz. There are also wild pigs, foxes, badgers and rabbits.

Kartal Lake Nature Preserve also has a wild goat preserve.